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Glue Bands

These bands help protect fruit trees against winter moths if applied from October to April, as well as ants and many other crawling insects if applied from May to AugustBands are made from a special non-toxic, non-drying glue which is coated onto green waterproof paper. Most insects will not try to cross the band - any that do try will be caught. The green colour of the band is not attractive to beneficial insectsPack consists of 35 m of glue band & 85m of waxed string More info
    • 1 pack - large

    • Despatch:
    • £13.99
    • Out of stock

Copper Slug & Snail Tape

Stop slugs and snails in their tracks with this self-adhesive copper tape. The serrated edges increase the electrical charge of the copper that deters these destructive pests. Each pack contains two 25m strips of copper tape More info
    • 1 tape pack

    • Despatch: Within 24 hours
    • £15.99

Raspberry Beetle Trap

A serious pest for raspberries, and sometimes blackberries and loganberries, maggots burrow into the berries and often go undetected until the fruit is picked. Place these innovative funnel traps in the garden in the spring, 4-6 weeks before the first flowers appear. Each raspberry beetle trap protects 200 sqm More info
    • 1 beetle trap

    • Despatch: Within 24 hours
    • £25.99
    • Out of stock

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