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Mini Greenhouse Cloche

Protect your crops from frosts and animal pests with these robust tunnel cloches. Easy to set up, the thick, rigid walls provide protection for seedlings and young plants, whilst the integral rainwater collection reservoirs mean that the plants can also enjoy natural rainwater. One cloche size - 80cm/41in long x 40cm/16in wide x 21cm/8in high. Each sturdy ends will add 15cm to the length of the cloche. More info
    • 1 pack of 2 cloches, pegs and 2 ends

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • £34.99

Raised Bed Kit

An easy way of growing a variety of mini vegetables is in raised beds. The heat absorbing panels assemble in minutes making a 1m x 1m growing area. Many gardeners divide this area up into six equal sections and sow small amounts in succession of six different vegetables. The RHS have done trials and surprisingly grown enough vegetables for the average family throughout the year from raised beds in an area measuring only 3m x 3mPerfect to grow superb crops of potatoes and a wide choice of vegetable plants. Holds 320 litres of multipurpose compost (not supplied) More info
    • 1 x 1m raised bed kit

    • Despatch: Within 14 days
    • £39.99

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